Feb 06

How To Create A Seamless And Cost-Effective Online Marketing Plan

Fortunately, there are currently a number of online platforms and low-cost strategies that are making this all too easy to do.

Educating Your Prospects

Most people visit the web in search of information. This is particularly true when they are looking for services or products to invest in. By choosing to supply these individuals with the information they need, rather than focusing all web-based content on the advertisement of your services and wares, you have the opportunity to guide them through the purchasing process. As a result, they will still be on your web pages when they are ready to finalize their purchases.

Building A Blog

The best way to do this is by building a professional blog. This should have regular posts that address current issues, offer troubleshooting advice, show people how to make price comparisons and teach consumers about the nuances of your products and services. People should be able to easily find all of the information that they need in a single place. More importantly, your blog should be accessible from within your website. This is key for building internal links which will help with your optimization process and it will also keep your traffic connected with you, rather than giving consumers reason to navigate back to search engines.

Using Social Networking Sites

Although you are probably using social networking sites already, like most local businesses, you may not be using them in the right way. The sole focus of your online marketing campaigns should be to give people the details that they need. Thus, you can use your social networking profiles to post helpful tips, share coupons and promotional codes and solicit feedback.

Your marketing endeavors should always be interactive. This makes your business more personable and ensures that you are getting plenty feedback. Feedback from customers will help you to resolve problems effectively and in a wholly transparent fashion. It will also boost your product development efforts as well as your efforts to improve quality control and other aspects of your business. Consumers like connecting with companies that make them feel as though they have some measure of control in determining the level of services they receive.

Online Advertising Videos

Another important form of outreach is video advertising. You should be posting videos to video hosting sites on a routine basis. These can serve the same purpose as your blog posts, but are geared towards tablet and mobile phone users or to people who are less likely to make their way through long blog posts and articles. Some people are visual learners and simply prefer to have their information presented in this fashion. Videos can be linked to other pages and shared. They will also assist you greatly in gaining more site traffic and in optimizing your website for search engines. Best of all, you can make up for a lack of marketing monies by infusing your video advertising campaigns with humor and creativity.

Giving Consumers Value

Companies that go out of their way to help consumers solve their problems earn their respect. They also tend to earn their word of mouth advertising as well. Although it won’t cost you a lot of money to share important details with consumers, the returns can be incalculable.

Protecting Your Online Reputation

One thing that companies do not think much about when marketing their businesses is the potential for gaining negative attention. Not all of the attention that web campaigns generate is guaranteed to be good attention. This is the top reason why it is important to always give people great value when creating content. It helps to bolster your good business image.

Your reputation will be much more difficult to tarnish if people already see you as a trustworthy supplier of helpful information. Bearing this in mind, you have to be proactive in your efforts to protect your commercial image and this is the best way to do it. While you attract more prospects to your web pages and begin selling more services and products, you will also be protecting yourself from the hardships that can be caused by negative feedback.


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